»I've gotten a little thick-skinned from it«

Born with a vision impairment, Hassan Zreim has turned his limitation into a strength and forged a unique career path. Today, he's a Senior Business Consultant at Netcompany who has just helped implement a nationwide healthcare service in the UK.

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During Hassan Zreim’s time in primary school, the blackboard was positioned against the wall like any other.


But Hassan’s setup was different – he sat just inches away at the teacher’s desk, with the rest of the class behind him. 

Hassan was born overly sensitive to light, able to see things up close but not from a distance.  

Early in primary school, Hassan received a bulky laptop, an external camera, and a daisy player from The Danish Institute for Visual Impairment to read books aloud to him. 

Technology helped him along – but it wasn’t always enough.

Hassan wore very thick glasses during his childhood, which led to some of his peers calling him "four-eyes".

»At one point, I asked my 5th-grade teacher not to erase the entire blackboard notes so I could copy them. She said she didn't have time for me and that I probably wouldn't amount to anything in life«

This experience spurred Hassan to prove his doubters wrong. He managed to not only complete a traditional education but forge a unique career path.


Hassan’s journey to Netcompany was unconventional yet logical

Hassan began as a teacher who incorporated technology into the classroom, inspired by his own experiences. Then someone headhunted him to Microsoft’s educational technology team. In 2023, at an event centered on evaluating Danish IT skills, Netcompany’s CEO was struck by Hassan’s communication skills and asked him to consider applying for a job at Netcompany. 

Hassan accepted the offer, and was hired. On his first day at Netcompany he was assigned to an important project with the UK’s National Health Services. 

A week later, he was on a plane to London. 

Hassan spends a lot of time traveling back and forth between Denmark and the UK. Here, he is on his way to the London office.

Working with the NHS, Hassan learned the importance of listening more than speaking

»Before this project, when registering with a GP in the UK, it was all paper based. If lucky, people had to fill out three different forms with little transparency on eligibility. My job was to help streamline that process and make it digital, working hands on with the NHS to make it happen«, Hassan explains. 

Hassan’s goal was clear – in March 2023, 500 GPs used the service; by December, he had to convince 1,500 more to adopt it. Later, that number would increase to 2500 before finally, in March 2024, the service turned mandatory. 

»The interesting challenge in this project was the human element – getting healthcare staff and patients to embrace a service that was initially voluntary«, Hassan says.   

Hassan realized that his job wasn’t to convince GPs that the online service was superior to the paper form – it clearly was. Instead, he was competing with established realities around change. GPs had insecurities about IT skills and patients’ willingness to adapt, and the conversation naturally gravitated away from the service and towards the specific problems experienced by each GP. 

»I had to remember this wasn’t me imposing change, but a co-creation process. When someone said ‘aha’ I felt happiest, as it meant we had reached a common understanding. I try to always remember that we have two ears and one mouth«

Hassan does a workshop with colleagues at the London office.

Working abroad has taught Hassan the value of openness, authenticity, and diversity. 

»Copenhagen was my universe, but encountering a different way of life automatically helps you grow.«  

Hassan’s willingness to listen to each individual human being and respecting their point of view comes from the same place as his belief that adversity and diversity are ramps for growth.  

»We often sugarcoat reality, but the truth is, much of the time, none of us really know what we’re doing – we’re just trying our best. Yes, I work at Netcompany, and travel constantly for important projects. But aspects of my life don’t work either. Admitting that connects us as humans, and it helps us growth together«, Hassan explains. 

With his life story, Hassan hopes to inspire others, who might struggle in one way or another, to see opportunities ahead. He also wishes for other organizations to embrace the opportunity to empower individuals with disabilities, recognizing their unique talents and contributions. By actively supporting and advocating for them, organizations can facilitate their integration into the workforce, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

 »You can settle for 'good enough', or keep evolving, getting better, and challenging yourself – that's what I ultimately believe in«

Hassan Zreim