Accelerating Greek citizens’ pension awards and streamlining e-EFKA’s operations


Accelerating Greek citizens’ pension awards and streamlining e-EFKA’s operations

The largest Social Security Organisation in Greece, e-EFKA, is implementing an Integrated Information System based on our PERSEUS product. When complete, it will make it easier and quicker for Greek citizens to access their pensions as well as streamlining e-EFKA’s operations and processes for the benefit of the Greek society in general. 

The Challenge

Quick, secure, and effortless pension payments are fundamental to any high-trust society, as are low degrees of pension contribution evasion and avoidance. 

In Greece, that responsibility falls on the Electronic National Social Security Fund (e-EFKA), the largest Social Security Organisation in Greece. 

Until recently, e-EFKA managed its operations through numerous independent databases and physical paper-based archives, a consequence of dozens of smaller social security funds falling under the e-EFKA umbrella, bringing with them their own databases, operation processes, and legislations.  

The result was that millions of people in Greece faced difficulties when applying for their pensions. They had to keep copies of their entire employment history, getting information from employers was time consuming, and the application process was complex. 

»The challenge was to create a single, integrated, and user-centric platform to streamline pension and benefits award and payments, as well as contributions declaration and collection, integrating a large number of disperse legacy systems and data sources«, says General Manager of the Public Sector of Netcompany- Intrasoft, Spyros Pomonis. 

Benefits with PERSEUS

Purpose-Built Functionality

PERSEUS, designed specifically for modern social security organizations, integrates complex operations like revenue collection, debt management, and pension automation. It ensures accurate, consistent data management and automates the entire pension and benefits lifecycle, adapting to diverse revenue types and legal requirements.

Modern Technology Stack

Leveraging the latest in open-source technology, PERSEUS offers a future-proof investment with its flexible tech stack, reducing vendor dependency. It features advancements in Web 2.0, JEE7, HTML5-based UX, and Kafka data streaming, and ensures responsive design and portability across various application servers and databases.

Process Management Excellence

Through its embedded Business Process Management (BPM) engine, PERSEUS automates and standardizes processes across all system components. This standardization enhances agility, real-time monitoring, and performance management, leading to operational excellence.

Enhanced Compliance and Fraud Prevention

PERSEUS promotes compliance by facilitating easy access for users and employing automated risk-based processes for fraud detection. It supports comprehensive compliance features, including audits, inspections, and legal case monitoring, and offers extensive data analytics capabilities.

The Solution

Since 2022, we have collaborated with e-EFKA to consolidate e-EFKA’s different systems under a new, centralised, integrated information system (IIS), affecting approximately 350 branches and territorial offices across Greece. 

The IIS will be built using our PERSEUS Social Security Product, significantly accelerating its development. PERSEUS is a highly configurable and functionally complete Social Security Product specifically designed to fully automate the business processes related to social security. It contains an integrated set of highly configurable, best-for-purpose social security applications developed specifically for Social Security Institutions and supports the automation and management of social security processes.   

PERSEUS takes advantage of robust cutting-edge technologies such as Web 2.0 technologies – JEE7 (JSF 2.2, Ajax Libraries, EJB), Uniform UX based on HTML5 technology, BRMS (embedded DROOLS Rules Engine), BPMN (BPMN 2.0 standard), Data Analysis (Business Intelligence – Big Data Technology). It is also designed to be RDBMS and Application Server agnostic. 

The entire system will be hosted on Government Cloud Infrastructure (NextGen G-Cloud) designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility in hosting computing systems, supporting Public Sector Organizations, and implementing the digital transformation of the country.  

With the new system, e-EFKA will be able to distribute more than €2bn in pension payments to 2.7 million citizens each month.


The project, which is expected to be completed by December 2025, stands as one of the most complex IT projects carried out in Greece to date, with a total value of approx. 35m€.  

With the new system, e-EFKA will be able to distribute more than €2bn in pension payments to 2.7 million Greek citizens each month, supporting more than 8.000 users, and handling over 800.000 transactions every day at peak times. It will also effectively support the contributions collection process and the payments of benefits to citizens. 

The new platform streamlines the pension process and makes it easier and faster for citizens to get their pension, offering financial security and economic independence.  

»With the new system, e-EFKA will be able to distribute more than €2bn in pension payments to 2.7 million Greek citizens each month«

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